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Where are you located?


Any side passions/projects?

I am consistently working on projects…if its not photography, its painting, if its not painting its design, if its not design, its blogging… you get my drift! Or I am doing it all at once! I tend to multi-task a lot, I love being crazy busy!

curlBOX is

A beauty box filled with hair goodies ^_^ Its affordable… its enjoyable…its lovely lovely!

Your favorite beauty product:

LUSH products are my favorite! I love the brand and products because they are handmade, natural, and delicious! Whenever I use my favorite conditioner (Jungle) it absolutely loves each hair follicle ^_^

It’s Friday night. Where can we find you?

Curled up in bed reading a book or spending time with close friends.

It’s Sunday morning, and you are...

Meditating, possibly getting ready for brunch, or staying in my comfy cozy bed.

They’re making a movie about your life. Who would you cast to portray you–and why?

I would cast Lisa Bonet because she is my twin spirit and she would be perfect to play my role.

What do you want to be your legacy?
I am an all around artist. My innovations, creations, and humanitarian projects are my legacies. Love is my religion and I just want to spread it like a wild fire! I want to be the change that I wish to see in the world.


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july 2013 summer issue

july 2013 summer issue