Are You Using the Right Hair Brush?

photo courtesy of: Lovely Malia

No matter curl type or pattern, we have the best expert-approved brushes for your texture.

Detangling Fine CurlsTangle Teezer | $12.99 | Painless detangling without any hair left in the brush.

Detangling Thick CurlsCorioliss Fashion Brush | $25.00 | Comes with a detachable pin on bottom  for sectioning.

Medium – Long CurlsDENMAN Paddle Brush | $11.95 | As you hair grows you should update your brush.

For DandruffGoody Styling Therapy Reduce Dandruff Copper Infused Brush | $13.00


All Hair Types “The Rolls Royce of Brushes”Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Brush | $170 | Brush stunts.


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on August 12, 2012 Berenice said:

Ummm the last brush is $170?! When they said “Rolls Royce” they meant it huh? Lol has anyone tried it for 4c hair/thick curls?

The Corioliss Fashion brush looks interesting I’m going to give it a try. ( btw the link for it is the same link as the tangle teaser =[ )

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july 2013 summer issue