Let’s talk FEB curlBOX!

After checking all of our tracking it looks like all of our VIP subscribers from the PREMIERE curlBOX have received their boxes.  We were so excited leading up to the launch and we’re so excited to share some thoughts on the box!

1.  Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream ($21 – 8oz):  We were REALLY excited to share this product with you and give you a full-sized bottle to say THANK YOU for joining us on this curlBOX train!  We’ve watched some of the reviews and many were excited about this.  Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

2.  Hair Rules Quench Conditioner ($25 – 8oz):  This daily, ultra-rich conditioning and softening treatment promotes suppleness, manageability and shine in parched, spongy, frizzy and lackluster hair. Formulated with honey and glycerin to enhance moisture penetration, protect against breakage and encourage hair’s natural tendency to curl. Super-conditioning Shea butter, coconut and olive oils, with extracts of avocado and jojoba keeps kinky, curly and wavy hair healthy and lustrous.

3.  Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner ($16 – 200ml):  You’re only a few dabs away from lush, radiant, soft hair.  Sweet Ambrosia moisturizes, detangles and defines your tresses.  Dry, super thick hair needs the best selling leave-in conditioner!

4.  Curly Hair Solutions Extenzz ($21 – 240ml) & 15% OFF coupon: Curly Hair Solutions™ EXTENZZ™ is the ultimate non-chemical curl styling hair relaxer. By using the correct combing techniques, EXTENZZ™ allows you to manipulate your curls into looser, well defined, frizz free curls without the look and feel of heavy oils.

5.  Groove Therapy Eradicate Detoxifying Shampoo (special just for curlBOX members):  If you live in Atlanta and have naturally curly hair we’re SURE you’ve heard of Too Groovy Salon owned by the incomparable Robin Groover.  A leader in natural hair care, when I came up with the curlBOX idea I immediately called up Robin to see if she’d be interested in sampling any one of her amazing products with us.  Robin and I sat and talked over coffee and leaped at the idea *cue the excitement.*  This shampoo is just amazing.  It’s a DETOXIFYING shampoo and the kind of clean that you get with it is indescribable.  A dime size goes a LONG way.  If you want to order the full size of this shampoo, you’ll have to call the salon because it’s just that exclusive.

6.  Sofn’Free Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner ($8.99 – 16 oz) & Nothing But Curly Pudding ($7.99 – 8.8 oz):  This BRAND NEW line, Nothing But you gives you all the good stuff your natural hair needs, and you’ll steer clear of anything it doesn’t. Their products work with your natural hair texture to bring out its unique beauty.

7. Huetiful Hair Steamer 15% OFF Coupon ($114.95):  EXCLUSIVELY for curlBOX members and two friends!  Huetiful Hair Steamers are designed specifically to resolve the most challenging hair frustrations – dry hair, breakage, split ends, and scalp itch/discomfort. A Huetiful brand hair steamer can resolve all of these frustrations and allow you to stop buying multiple deep conditioners and hair treatments that never seem to completely restore enough moisture back to your dry hair.

Next month’s issue is the STYLE ISSUE!  We’re looking forward to shipping on March 6th.  Have you tried anything in this month’s box?  Let us know what you think so far!


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on February 19, 2012 Suzie said:

I’m a newly natural and did my big chop the day I got my curlbox after 11 months of transition…. My fav product out of my curlbox is the Extenzz when I did my twisout compare to the Miss Jessie’s curling butter my hair had less shrinkage and it was not greasy so I’m super happy I got the cuppon code I have found my curling cream

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july 2013 summer issue